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We encourage you to join the Alberta Liquor Store Association (ALSA) to take advantage of our great Group Buy offers and also to strengthen your voice with the government!

ALSA has grown in numbers since its formation in 1994. With that growth has come respect of the Provincial Government and recognition of an industry that continues to grow and prosper. ALSA represents your best interests and your membership will ensure that you are part of an Association dedicated to promoting and protecting Alberta Liquor Retailers by:

  • Providing a united voice advocating for, and representing the majority of Alberta’s private liquor store industry
  • Providing responsible retail programs that:
    • Ensure compliance with Alberta’s Liquor Control Act (check correct name)
    • Make powerful educational tools available for members regarding the scope and availability of products
    • Give members the option of group purchasing opportunities, lowering costs, and providing additional customer benefits in pricing and variety.
    • Assist members with display and in-store marketing techniques
    • Ensure members can provide a more rewarding purchasing experience for their customers

Benefits of Membership

Joining the over 550 members of ALSA is considered a very strategic business move that we encourage you to make. As a result of its large Membership and strong leadership, ALSA, is strong and united voice.

Getting your concerns to Government

Our Executive and Board Members are active spokespeople on your behalf when dealing with provincial regulators, warehousers and transporters of adult beverages.

We understand the political process, we know who’s who and how the system works. We do everything we can to make sure the voice of the independent liquor retailer (large or small) is heard, and respected by government.

ALSA Newsletter

Stay up to date will all the latest information regarding the Association on a monthly basis!

Our newsletter is also a great opportunity for you to advertise and use the Classified Section should you need to sell items you are looking to get rid of.

Conventions and Other Events

Throughout the year, we organize a number of major events where ALSA members gather to talk to each other, set policy and learn about new products, services and marketing techniques. We like to have fun too! Join us at various golf tournaments, product launches and other fun events. News of these events will appear on the

Group-Buy Program

As an ALSA member, your store is eligible for preferred rates on a wide variety of products and services.

Some of our members say they save enough in one month on Group Buys to pay for their whole year’s ALSA membership. Other say they save even more!

Become a Member!

Becoming an ALSA member  - please print and fill out the application form below and fax or email it to our office

Email: or Fax: 780-485-5182

2016 Membership Application

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