Under-25 Liquor Policy

ALSA and AGLC Team up to Bring Awareness to the ID Under 25 Law!!!

The two main goals for this campaign are as follows:
  • Making employees feel supported and empowered to ask customers for identification, which will in turn increase the number of customers asked for identification.
  • Change the public perception around being asked for identification and lessen the anticipation employees feel for a negative reaction when asking for identification.
  • Liquor store employees that may feel uncomfortable or reluctant to ask a customer for ID if they appear to be under the age of 25.  It’s possible they’ve encountered resistance in the past, which has reinforced a negative association with asking for ID
  • General public between the ages of 18-35.  These individuals may feel inconvenienced or affronted when asked for ID
Key Message:
  • It is the law in Alberta to ID anyone that looks to be under the age of 25
  • Being asked for ID is not necessarily a bad thing.  Actually, it’s kind of a compliment

View the info bulletin here.

Please see the AGLC website for more information. http://aglc.ca/responsibleliquorservice/under25initiative.asp

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