Responsible Retailing

Compliance, control… and enjoyment

When responsibly consumed, there is a whole world of enjoyment open to those customers who wish to explore new products, and new brands of familiar products. ALSA is committed to the responsible service and consumption of liquor products.

Responsible Liquor Service

Well-informed staff * equals results* in increased customer enjoyment. With more than 25,000 different adult beverage products available in Alberta’s liquor stores, the choice can sometimes seem overwhelming. Our members know the value of helping their customers with their search for quality adult beverage experiences. That’s why ALSA runs a year-round series of educational workshops and seminars to teach liquor store employees about various kinds of beverages and how to appreciate their qualities.

Reducing abuse

Because we are entrusted with the sale of controlled products, and because we’re your neighbours, we work hard to ensure that adult beverage abuse is kept to a minimum.

ID Under 25

Alberta law requires liquor retailers to ask for proof of age if the customer appears to be under 25 years old. ALSA promotes compliance with this law in our entire member programming, and our “We ID Under 25” program provides members with door and in-store signage to demonstrate to customers that they are active supporters of the ID law.

For more information on the AGLC’s Under 25 Liquor Policy click here.

Other prohibited sales

Our training courses, and our communication with our members, includes heavy emphasis on other key regulations that we must comply with, including:

* We will not sell beverages to people who we believe will re-sell it to others (ie. bootleggers).

* We will not sell to those who appear intoxicated.

For more information on the AGLC’s social responsibility initiatives click here.

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