The Voice of the Retail Liquor Industry

The voice of the retail liquor industry to government and others in the liquor industry.

ALSA HAS represented the interests of liquor retailers to government:

  • in the development of the Gaming and Liquor Act;
  • to establish a separation distance of 5 metres for new liquor stores over 929 square metres;
  • to stop the Government of Alberta from changing the AGLC Regulations to allow large format retailers to share a common wall with their affiliated liquor store;
  • to implement a 300 meter separation rule between liquor stores in Calgary, and a 500 meter separation rule in Edmonton;
  • to create the definition of “separate business” into the Act;
  • to establish prohibitions against cross-marketing i.e. grocery stores using liquor to enhance the sale of non-liquor items;
  • for fair access for all retailers to LTOs; and
  • in establishing The Alberta Server Intervention Training Program (ASIP) – now called Pro-Serve.
  • to rescind increased liquor mark-up rates announced in its 2009 budget.

ALSA IS championing:

  • the success of the “Alberta Model” to MLAs, government officials and others within the industry;
  • that carve-outs must not be approved;
  • the importance of the 90/10 Rule (90% of product must be liquor) and Postage Stamp delivery (same delivery rate for every store in Alberta);
  • the success of the “Flat Tax”, keeping Alberta pricing below the competition in British Columbia and Ontario; and
    the enforcement of the uniform pricing policy prohibiting volume
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