About ALSA


Who Are We?

The Alberta Liquor Store Association (ALSA) was formed in 1994 following privatization of Alberta's liquor industry.  The creation of ALSA was driven by two primary objectives, which were to provide its members with:

  • a unified voice for its members in their dealings with government, the public, the media and others in the liquor industry; and
  • a forum for the exchange of ideas, trends and leading practices that promoted customer service, industry well-being, and an industry code of ethics.

Since 1994, ALSA has grown to represent over 570 independent retail liquor stores from every community across Alberta.  Our diverse membership includes small, medium and larger-sized businesses, some of which have multiple locations.


Our Vision and Mission


ALSA's Vision is to:

. . . provide value to our many stakeholders, central to which is our members.


ALSA's Mission is to:

. . . ensure that the Alberta Model for private liquor retailers is sustained.


Our Commitment

Member Advocacy:
  • To represent the interests of our members to government and others in Alberta's retail liquor industry.
Responsible Retailing
  • To take a leading role in the promotion of the responsible consumption of adult beverages.
  • To provide educational opportunities that improves member knowledge and contributes to customer service and satisfaction.
  • To ensure that our members practice ethical retailing and that their customers receive fair value.
  • To work with the AGLC to ensure that all liquor retailers must conform and abide by the rules and regulations of the Alberta government
Serving Alberta Communities
  • To contribute to the quality of life in Alberta's communities through member volunteerism and charitable donations
  • To create job opportunities and tax revenue across Alberta that are sustainable and contribute to local economies.



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